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René Sinks


Our fireclay sinks are both durable and elegant. Our bowl configurations offer modern functionality and classic beauty. Fireclay sinks are naturally heat, chip, scratch, and stain-resistant. Our reinvented apron-front design unites the charming classical style with the modern era.

Porcelain material


Routine Cleaning: Cover sink with a mixture of a mild, non-abrasive cleaner with water. With a soft sponge, scrub your entire sink in a circular motion. Rinse immediately with pure water, then dry.

Porcelain material


Our Fireclay sinks are molded from a mixture of clay and other minerals, then glazed and fired in a kiln around 2,000ºF. The result is a glossy, durable ceramic, which is denser and stronger than porcelain. Fireclay composition also reduces sink noises to a minimum. Our sinks are solid all the way through, giving you a strong product that will enchant you for a lifetime.

All of our fireclay sinks are covered by a limited lifetime warranty.


expand_more How is this sink mounted?

This is an apron sink.

expand_more What is the drain size?

This sink has a standard 3 1/2" drain opening.

expand_more What size sink base cabinet is needed for this sink?

An apron/farmhouse sink required a custom cabinet.