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Topmount 3/4" Radius Stainless Steel Sink

Double Bowl Topmount 3/4" Radius Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink in 18-Gauge with Two Grids, Standard Strainer, and Basket Strainer



An expansive topmount sink divided equally into two bowls, each with tight, 3/4-inch diameter corners and an offset drain. The R1-2022D-18 is constructed from a single sheet of the highest-quality 304 steel. Overall it measures 31 1/8" x 20" x 9", with a heavy-duty 18-gauge thickness. Featuring an alluring brushed satin finish, it is rust and stain-resistant, insulated, quiet, and guaranteed by a limited lifetime warranty. Mounting hardware is included. To protect the sink surface from scratches or dents, two superior-quality, custom-fitted stainless steel grids are included. The removable rubber feet raise them slightly above the bottom of the sink. One standard strainer, identified by its traditional shallow basket and stopper mechanism, and one basket strainer, with a deep, perforated, metal basket, are also included.


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It's in there

At Rene, we believe in going above and beyond the consumer's expectations. When your package arrives, you'll find the quality of the contents is everything you expected, and more. What's included in your kit:

  • Cutting Board
  • Basket Strainer
  • Standard Strainer
  • Custom Fitted Sink Grid
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On-the-Counter Elegance

Rather than being recessed into the vanity and only viewed from above, this vessel-style sink makes its presence known atop the counter with a shimmering finish and inherent self-esteem. To balance it's height, a lower vanity is typically required.